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At All-ways Rigging Gear, we have a massive range of hoists and winches for various uses and purposes. The range includes chain hoists, lever hoists, girder trolleys, electric hoists, air Hoists. Electric or Air Winches and much more. The All-Ways Rigging Gear range of chain hoists is perfect for anyone needing to hoist something heavy. With a super-strength alloy load chain, these hoists are built for the long haul while being lightweight and robust. Additionally, the fully enclosed gear train on these hoists helps to protect the user and the load. Lastly, these hoists have been designed to require minimum headroom.

We pride ourselves in having a wide variety of hoists and winches that can accommodate our customers' needs. We have the Global Chain Hoists, which are perfect for when you need to lift 500 kg to 50 tonnes. We also have the Vital Chain Hoist with a capacity of 500 kg to 20 tonnes and for those interested in our lever hoists, we have a range that goes from 250 kg capacities to 9 Tonne in both Global and Vital Lever Hoists. Lastly, we also sell electric and air chain hoists, which are great for construction and building sites, factories, or storage spaces. The PTI Series – JDN Flameproof Air Hoist is the perfect solution for jobs that require extremely heavy weights to be lifted. With a 500 kg to 125 tonnes capacity, it is ideal for environments where flammable goods are transported. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of lifting heavy goods above or below ground and is known as one of the safest hoists in the industry.


Manual Hoists

Manual hoists, also known as chain or lever blocks, use a ratchet or hand chain to lift heavy objects. These devices are usually portable and easy to transport. However, they require more work to lift heavier loads and have a longer lifting time compared to powered hoists. Additionally, manual hoists are usually more prone to wear and tear over time than powered models.

Power Hoists

Powered hoists are one type of lifting gear that comes in two varieties: electric or air/pneumatic, Compared to manual hoisting equipment, powered hoists typically have the following characteristics:
1. Faster lifting speeds
2. Wider range of lifting capacity
3. Pendant or controller operated
4. Electric models are prone to overheating with frequent use
5. Air/Pneumatic models are useful where sparking is a concern

Why Us?

At All-ways Rigging, we are committed to longevity and betterment in the global lifting industry by being certified members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA). This allows us to promote higher standards and deliver only the best quality products and services tested and inspected to Australian standards. Our clients can be confident that they're receiving a product that meets all safety requirements and will function as intended.

At our company, we pride ourselves on having a team of experienced professionals who are always happy to help you find the products you need for your specific project or job. You can easily get in touch with us today by filling out a form on our website or giving us a call at +61 2 4272 8000.

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