Pole Work Platforms

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Pole work platforms provide a safe and stable workspace for workers working at elevated heights. These platforms are essential overhead Line work. Be it installation, inspection or maintenance, Pole work platforms offer a secure and efficient means of access to all the individuals using them.


1. Pole work platforms are designed in a way that they can be attached to poles or cylindrical structures.
2. Once attached, they provide a stable working surface enabling workers to perform tasks at varying heights.
3. These platforms can be adjusted to a height preference, offering flexibility to accommodate all requirements.


1. Platform: This is the main working area which offers a stable and secure place for all workers.
2. Attachment Mechanism: This enables the platform to be firmly and securely attached to the pole or cylindrical structure.
3 Height Adjustment System: This allows the platform to be adjusted to a specific height according to the worker’s preference.


1. Provides Enhanced Safety: Pole work platforms prioritise safety by incorporating essential features secure attachment mechanisms. This feature provides a stable and secure platform to perform tasks while significantly reducing the risk of falls or accidents. As a result, the potential for injuries is minimised, ensuring a safer working environment.
2. Improves Efficiency: Pole work platforms enable workers to focus on their tasks without worrying about balance or instability. The media also feature easy height adjustment capabilities, helping workers reach different points on the pole or cylindrical structure effortlessly. This helps in increasing productivity and overall efficiency, making Pole work platforms an indispensable tool for elevated work scenarios.
3. Versatility: Pole work platforms are highly versatile, finding applications across various industries such as utility maintenance, construction, telecommunications, and more. Pole work platforms are flexible and adaptable, making them suitable for multiple work requirements by quickly adjusting to different pole diameters.
4. Saves Time and Cost: Pole work platforms provide a secure and efficient way to access elevated areas without requiring time-consuming scaffolding or temporary structures. This saves time and money by reducing setup requirements and minimising the need for extra resources and labour. The easy installation and removal of Pole work platforms enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness in different work environments.

Our Products

We at All-Ways Rigging Gear have developed our pole work platforms in collaboration with Electrical Authorities, ensuring their compliance with EC14 standards. Each unit undergoes thorough testing, including Proof Load Testing, and is accompanied by an individual Test Certificate and User Instructions for added assurance.

We offer two variations of our Pole work platforms:

1. Part No. POLEP, Timber: Specifically designed for use on Timber Poles only.

2. Part No. POLEPM, Universal: Versatile platform suitable for Timber, Concrete, Steel, and Composite Poles.

Our Pole Work Platforms consist of several key features, which include a spacious standing area measuring L 605mm x W 440mm. They are constructed with an Aluminium frame and a Plastic Deck fitted with non-slip matting, providing secure footing. Additionally, the platforms are equipped with a reliable 6mm G80-rated Chain. Their lightweight design sets our units apart, with the Timber pole model weighing only 9 kg and the Universal model weighing just 11 kg.

Why Us?

At All-Ways Rigging Gear, we offer a range of specifications to cater to different pole diameters and specific work requirements that meet the diverse needs of the industry. Our platforms are designed with utmost attention to safety, ensuring that workers can perform their tasks with total confidence and stability.

Trust All Ways Rigging Gear for your pole work platform needs and experience the difference in quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. We are also certified by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).

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