Electric Hoists

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Electric chain hoists are excellent options to lift loads vertically because of the simplicity of operation. Alloy Steel Chain is utilised as the lifting element. Electric chain hoists are devices that are used for regular, large lifting tasks when manual hoists are unable to accommodate the load size. Electric chain hoists from All-ways Rigging assist in improving lifting operations by making them safer and more efficient. These hoists are suitable for use in factories and machine shops where things must be lifted and loaded quickly.


Types of Electric Hoists

We have a variety of electric chain hoists to help improve the efficiency of your operations.

  1. Builders Hoists
  2. GIS-CH Electric Chain Hoist
  3. Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists
  4. Kito Electric Chain Hoist

Factors for Consideration When selecting electric chain hoists

When choosing electric chain hoists, the two most significant aspects to consider are safety and the weight of the load. The sort of hoist you'll need will be determined by the weight you'll be lifting. A chain hoist is suitable for lifting capacities of less than 10 tonnes as a general rule. An electrical wire hoist, on the other hand, is ideal for lifting heavier loads. The choice of hoists will vary based on your industry's needs and specifications.

The lifting speed, which must be properly adjusted for appropriate loading and unloading of the goods being lifted, is another factor to consider.

One needs to consider the height to which the loads will be lifted during the hoist selection process. The extra chain in electric chain hoists resides in a container. The larger the height lifting capacity, the longer the chain and the bigger will be the container needed to contain the extra chain. A too-large container, if not built appropriately, might become an impediment to the load being lifted. An electric chain hoist is preferable for higher lifting heights, such as windmill hoists for turbine maintenance.

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You may choose the electric chain hoist that's right for your application by considering the aforementioned aspects. You may always consult one of our experts to help with the decision for you. Please feel free to get in touch with us by filling a form or giving us a call at + 61 2 4272 8000.