Load Restraints

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At All-Ways Rigging Gear, we provide reliable-quality load restraint equipment for all your transport requirements. Our extensive range of load restraints has everything from chains and fittings to transport load binders.

Heavy loads? No problem, we have got you covered. All-Ways Rigging Gear, Australia, stocks bulk chains, clevis grab hook, clevis caw hook, clevis lug link, ratchet assemblies, endless ratchet straps, truck winches and transport load binders. Our Ratchet Strap assemblies are the most used load restraint products consisting of polyester webbing with a sturdy ratchet mechanism, suitable for securing heavy loads.

It is crucial that all loads are secured during transport. Damage during transportation can be prevented by the proper application of high-quality load restraints. All-Ways Rigging has a range of load restraints from ratchet straps to load binders, the best solution for your requirements.

About Load Restraints

  • The highest performing ratchet assembly available is a reverse action type that maximises ergonomic efficiency and utilises an extended handle for greater leverage.
  • All truck winches come with our 21 teeth double pawl patent design as per standard.
  • Corner protectors are available in 1000mm length and 100mm (to suit webbing).
  • Grade 70 Transport chains give the benefit of lightweight, strength and reliability, therefore, making it the best solution for tie-down applications for transportation. (Batch test certificate supplied upon request)
  • Hand ratchet c/w strap assemblies are built with high tenacity polyester webbing. They provide benefits of high pretension, causing less damage to the cargo being transported.
  • The load choker is a durable and exciting solution to the problem of safety restraining difficult loads such as loose packs of steel or timber.

About All-ways Rigging

Contact All-ways Rigging Gear for Load restraints. We are an LEEA full member and provide exceptional service and high-quality products. Please feel free to get in touch with us by filling a form or giving us a call at + 61 2 4272 8000.

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