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All-ways Rigging Gear has a range of winches that you can choose from for your application. The range includes 12 and 24 Volt DC winches, air winches, load brake winches, electric winches, wire ropes winches, much more.

These winches are available in different sizes, dimensions and capacities allowing them to be used across various industries and applications. All complex lifting or pulling jobs have become easier with the help of winches.

Types of Winches

  • Electrical Winches
    Electrical winch uses a 240V or 415V power source. Electric winches are easier to install than other types of winches and can be transported easily.
  • Air Winches
    Air winches are powered by compressed air. Air winches are environment friendly and more robust as compared to other winches. They are mainly used for lifting and pulling of heavy loads.
  • Hand Operated Winches
    This type of winch is a manual winch that works well in lifting or pulling light loads. They have a lever arm used as the handle and a barrel axis. Hand operated winches can be used in locations where there is no power source.
  • Hydraulic Winches
    Hydraulic winches used to lift or pull loads. They are commonly used on vehicles to move heavy loads. They provide consistent pulling power of an extended duty cycle for longer pulls.

We also supply brake winches that lift between 200 kg to 1,250 kg load. These winches have a handle and a brake mechanism that is self-actuating for safety measures. They are paint protected, or Galvanised or Stainless Steel to protect against corrosion, making them highly durable.

All-Ways Rigging Gear is here with a good selection of Tirfor wire rope winches for jobs that need a winch that can be positioned horizontally or vertically. Our range includes winches with lifting capacity of 800 kg, 1,600 kg and 3,200 kg. These are compact in design, lightweight and easy to transport. The material is made of alloy steel plate that is corrosion free and has a chrome finish.

All our products are tested and inspected to Australian standards before delivery. Please feel free to get in touch with us by filling a form or giving us a call at + 61 2 4272 8000.