Air Chain Hoists 250 kg

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A vital part of an operation is a reliable air chain hoist. At all-ways Rigging, we provide two types of 250 kg air chain hoists, one with an e-stop and one without. The air chain hoists feature aluminium builds making them light and easily portable. The hoists are durable making them reliable in rugged applications. Choose from the below listed 250 kg air chain hoists for excellent operational output in your application.

Types of 250 Kg Air Chain Hoists

The air chain hoists feature several safety features like automatic failsafe brake featuring a non-asbestos internal disc brake, low inching speeds ensuring complete operational control and low sound levels. The air hoists are extremely quiet operating at 75db at only one metre from the hoist ensuring workplace health and safety.

The hoists also feature fewer spare parts making them reliable and requiring lesser maintenance. The hoists are designed to allow you to quickly switch between cord and pendant operations for versatile application. The hoists can operate efficiently at air pressures as low as 4 Bar (58psi) making them the most power conservative air chain hoists on the market. The compact build of the air chain hosts adds to their usefulness allowing them to be used in confined spaces with low headroom.

The above listed features are some of the reasons why your only choice in lifting technology is our series of air hoists. To get more information on the products or detailed application analysis, please feel free to get in touch with us by filling a form or giving us a call at + 61 2 4272 8000. Our experienced team can help you pick the products most suitable to your application for increased reliability and productivity.

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