The 250kg single fall lifting capacity, pendant control air chain hoist has the smallest size in the market making it a unique addition to an operation. Listed below are some of the fantastic features that set it apart from the competition:

  1. Lightweight, Durable Build
    The air chain hoist is extremely lightweight since it is manufactured using aluminium. The small size and build make it an important part of operations where frequent movement is required, like in rigging operations.
  2. Automatic Failsafe Brake
    The brake is instantly and positively activated because the internal disc brake is made from non-asbestos material.
  3. Fantastic Inching Speeds
    While most manufacturers claim to provide fantastic inching speeds, our air chain hoists can actually achieve them. The “ABS” style braking system allows operators to accurately raise and lower items at a speed of one foot a minute.
  4. Low Air Consumption
    This is one of the most power conservative products on the market. Working with maximum efficiency even at low air pressures of 4 Bar (58psi), this air chain hoist saves you money.
  5. Spare Parts
    We have reduced the number of spare parts used in this machine, making it easier to use and maintain. As a result, servicing is easier and down time is lesser, saving you time and money.
  6. Low Sound Levels
    These air hoists have been designed to generate the least amount of noise, making them excellent for workers’ health and safety. The noise levels measure around 75db at one metre from the hoist.
  7. Compact & Fully Sealed:
    As one of the smallest air hoists in the market, this unit can easily fit in tight spaces making it an asset to applications where there isn’t enough space. All units are fully sealed for use in wet and dry applications including in wash plants and chemical plants.

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    Air Cons. (under load) 700 (l/min) 24.72 (cfm)
    Air Inlet 3/8″ Female
    Body Material Aluminium
    Emergency Stop Yes
    Hose Size I.D 9.5 (mm)
    Lifting Capacity 250 (kg)
    Min. Hook Distance 305 (mm)
    No. of Chain Falls 1
    Pendant Material (std) Aluminium
    Speed (down-load) 16.5 (m/min)
    Speed (up-load) 8.1 (m/min)
    Underground Mining Suitable No
    Weight (c/w 3m chain lift) 8.6 (kg)
    Weight (w/o chain) 7.4 (kg)

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