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Karabiners (carabiners), safety hooks, and quick links are common connectors and hooks used in height safety applications. They are an important piece of height equipment that ensures a quick and secure connection between harnesses, lanyards, and a suitable anchor point.

Types of Spanset Height Safety Connectors:

Karabiners and hooks come in a variety of shapes and with a variety of locking mechanisms. They are typically utilised as lanyard connectors or safety harness connectors. When utilised in height safety measures, the locking action is critical. These karabiners and hooks are typically used to connect lanyards to harnesses or as anchors. They're useful for work placement activities that require the user to shift positions frequently, and they're also employed in rescue missions. Our product options allow users to rapidly connect and detach their harness and/or lanyard to each other or to a secure anchor point. They could also be used to secure equipment to a work belt while climbing to the desired height.

  • Karabiners
    • D Karabiner (Alloy Steel Screw Gate)
    • Oval Karabiner (Alloy Steel Screw Gate)
    • Equal D Karabiner (Alloy Steel Triple Action)
    • D Karabiner (Aluminium Triple Action)
    • D Karabiner (Aluminium Screw Gate)
    • Scaffold Karabiner (Alloy Steel Triple Action)
    • Forged Eye Karabiner (Alloy Steel Triple Action)
    • Fixed Eye Karabiner (Aluminium Triple Action)
    • Safety Back Hook (Alloy Steel Double Action)
    • Delta Quick Link (Carbon Steel Screw Gate)
    • Delta Quick Link (Carbon Steel Screw Gate)
  • Hooks
    • Safety Hook (Carbon Steel Double Action)
    • Safety Hook (Aluminium Double Action)
    • Safety Wire Scaffold Hook (Aluminium Double Action)
    • Safety Scaffold Hook (Alloy Steel Double Action)
    • Safety Jumbo Scaffold Hook (Aluminium Double Action)
    • Safety Scaffold Hook (Aluminium Triple Action)
    • Wire Anchor Clamp (Stainless Steel Double Action)


Why All-ways Rigging Gear

Our wide range of connectors includes the most widely used karabiners and hooks. However, if you require specific products for your application that you cannot find here or require additional product information, please get in touch with us by filling a form or giving us a call at + 61 2 4272 8000. We are an LEEA member, and as such our organisation is subjected to technical audits and receives training and support in order to maintain high standards of practice.

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