Carabiners, also called karabiners, safety hooks, and quick links are common connectors and hooks used in height safety applications. They’re typically utilised as lanyard connectors or safety harness connectors. They are an important piece of equipment when working at heights that ensure a quick and secure connection between harnesses, lanyards, and a proper anchor point.

Connectors such as karabiners, which are a D-shaped ring with a spring gate, are also utilised. Screw-locking, twist-locking, and triple-locking systems are available. Triple-lock karabiners are the easiest to use and the safest choice.

However, they must be discarded if the sleeve does not shut correctly. Anchor connections should be made with twist-lock karabiners; however, they should not be utilised at the lanyard’s harness end. Screw-lock karabiners require extra caution to keep the gate’s screw sleeve screwed up.

Delta Links & Quick Links

An oval shape fast link and a Delta link are two quick links we provide as part of our connectors line. Both varieties provide a semi-permanent connection, making them suitable for situations when two objects will be linked for the most of the time, such as when a lanyard is attached to a safety harness. To guarantee that the screw lock remains safe and firmly connected, make sure it is properly tightened to its maximum and tested before each usage.

Connectors for Use in Height Safety Applications

Some of the most widely used hooks for working at height and fall arrest applications may be found in this category of connectors and hooks. The snap hook is ideal for connecting separate components of your height safety equipment, such as a harness and lanyard, but the scaffold hook, with its wider aperture and hook bowl, is ideal for securing a lanyard to a stable anchor point, such as a scaffold pole or handrail.

Our snap hooks have double action, which means that once installed, an extra locking mechanism will close off the opening gate, preventing it from being accidentally opened.

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Code Description Gate Type Gate Opening Strength Gate Strength Weight Material
K1 D Karabiner Screw Gate 27mm 50kN 1kN 190g Alloy Steel
K2 Oval Karabiner Screw Gate 15mm 23kN 1kN 157g Alloy Steel
K4 Equal D Karabiner Triple Action 24mm 40kN 1kN 183g Alloy Steel
K4Alu D Karabiner Triple Action 28mm 25kN 1kN 100g Aluminium
K6 D Karabiner Screw Gate 28mm 22kN 1kN 85g Aluminium
K9 Scaffold Karabiner Triple Action 52mm 25kN 1kN 834g Alloy Steel
K10 Forged Eye Karabiner Triple Action 20mm 50kN 1kN 257g Alloy Steel
K10Alu Fixed Eye Karabiner Triple Action 20mm 25kN 1kN 120g Aluminium
N-3050 Safety Back Hook Double Action 21mm 45kN >16kN 454g Alloy Steel
DELTA8 Delta Quick Link Screw Gate 14mm 40kN 1kN 86g Carbon Steel
DELTA10 Delta Quick Link Screw Gate 18mm 80kN 1kN 152g Carbon Steel

Code Description Gate Type Gate Opening Strength Gate Strength Weight Material
H1 Safety Hook Double Action 21mm 25kN 1kN 280g Carbon Steel
H1HD Safety Hook Double Action 21mm 45kN 16kN 369g Carbon Steel
H1Alu Safety Hook Double Action 23mm 25kN 1kN 200g Aluminium
H3WBF Safety Wire Scaffold Hook Double Action 86mm 20kN 1kN 488g Aluminium
H3 Safety Scaffold Hook Double Action 51mm 25kN 1kN 415g Alloy Steel
H3HD Safety Scaffold Hook Double Action 60mm 25kN 16kN 780g Alloy Steel
H3 BF Safety Jumbo Scaffold Hook Double Action 110mm 25kN 1kN 915g Aluminium
H3Alu TA Safety Scaffold Hook Triple Action 80mm 25kN 1kN 459g Aluminium
RF17 Wire Anchor Clamp Double Action 127mm 23kN 1kN 366g Stainless Steel

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