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One of the leading causes of workplace injuries is a fall from a height. Despite the number of injuries decreasing significantly over the past years, they are still very common. These incidents can be avoided by opting for height safety gear.

An essential component of the height safety product range is the anchorage. The anchorage is important to make sure the technician is mobile, comfortable and safe. Our product range for anchorage constitutes beam anchors, horizontal safety lines, anchorage lines, rope grabs, hard point anchors, attachment slings and more.

Height Safety Anchorage Product Range

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for height safety applications such as harnesses, straps, ropes, and anchoring devices can be found in our inventory. Our equipment complies with Australian safety guidelines for working at heights. Our anchorage products include the necessary equipment required for height safety during operations. The product range includes:

  1. SpanSet Beam Anchors
  2. SpanSet Horizontal Safety Lines
  3. Anchorage Lines
  4. Rope Grabs
  5. Hard Point Anchors
  6. Attachment Slings

Working at height necessitates the careful selection and placement of anchors. They must, without a doubt, be completely dependable and have a sufficient margin of strength to withstand the dynamic and static pressures that may be applied to them during use. The suitable anchor should be chosen based on a qualified person's experience and knowledge.


About All-ways Rigging

All-ways Rigging is one of Australia's most trusted suppliers of lifting and height safety equipment. We can help you with all your height safety equipment needs including fall protection systems, fall arrest equipment, confined space rescue and safety gear.

All-ways Rigging is a proud LEEA member. We follow the guidelines laid down by the LEEA to ensure safety at the workplace.

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There are many different types of fall arrest anchorage equipment to choose from, but which one would you choose and why? It can be a difficult undertaking, especially if there are external expectations from clients, contractors and even your own personnel. You can contact our experienced team to help you pick the right equipment for the project or application. Please feel free to get in touch with us by filling a form or giving us a call at + 61 2 4272 8000.