Ladder Lifelife System

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The BTS VertiClimb is a fixed stainless steel wire rope vertical climbing lifeline system that provides 100% Fall Protection from the ground up. Using an easily operated detachable sliding type 1 fall arrester, the user can move up and down the entire system which consists of stainless steel swageless components. The type 1 fall arrester is designed to grab and lock against the 8mm wire rope the instant a fall begins and reduce the
distance of fall to less than 300mm. Once the karabiner is installed, the type 1 fall arrester cannot be unintentionally removed from the cable. The type 1 fall arrester has a built-in mechanism preventing it from operating in the upside down position.

BTS Vertical Safety Climb Cable System is designed to provide fall protection while climbing or descending a variety of
ladders or vertical structures. Applications include telecommunication towers, light poles, water towers, hydro electro
towers, stacks or any other structure that requires permanently placed climbing protection.


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