Global Synthetic Tow Slings

All-ways Rigging Gear stocks an extensive range of high quality 4WD recovery slings and equipment to suit your business needs. Global Synthetic Tow Slings are lightweight and of ultra high strength.

Along with a wide range of quality lifting and rigging products and components, All-Ways Rigging Gear offers a range of complementary services to help train your team, maintain your products, test your products and repair/service products either onsite or in the workshop. To know more about the product or request a quote please see below information.

  • 6m or 10m lengths
  • Light weight
  • Available in kit form with shackles and heavy duty storage bag (8 Tonne & 25 Tonne Only

Our international suppliers and partners share our commitment to bringing quality lifting products to industry.




Specifications Guide to the gross vehicle weight to be recovered
Tow Sling Capacity Minimum Breaking Load Severly Bogged Medium Bogged Slippery Surface
8 Tonne 21 Tonne 8 Tonne 16 Tonne 32 Tonne
25 Tonne 70 Tonne 25 Tonne 50 Tonne 100 Tonne
50 Tonne 140 Tonne 50 Tonne 100 Tonne 200 Tonne

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