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    The 4006 spreader bar is for the assistance of retrieving a casualty from a small diameter manhole. The lift is more vertical than from the rear D of a harness and with the aid of the overhead wrist straps you can further narrow the shoulder profile. Note for static lifting and lowering only and for attachment to the shoulder retrieval straps of the harness.

    The VRS stretcher is ideal for use in vertical and horizontal confined space extraction. It can be easily transported and rolled around the patient for tight manhole openings. Comes complete with a bridle that can be used for vertical rescue at heights or for horizontal hauling/dragging. Extremely tough but lightweight. All straps and connections are colour coded for simplicity

    The super PASS distress is a must for confined space operations where the entrant is out of line of site from the standby person (which is most of the time, especially extended duration entries). The PASS alarm is attached to the entrant and should they not move for approximately 23 seconds the unit will go into an escalating pre-alarm to alert the operator and standby that the full alarm is imminent. To cancel the pre-alarm the operator needs to move slightly and the unit will reset. If the operator fails to move for 30 seconds the unit will go into full alarm alerting anyone nearby of the problem. The unit can only be disabled by using the accountability key which should be kept outside the entry point under the control of the standby person.

    Certified intrinsically safe: UL913, for use in Class 1, Division1, Group A,B,C and D Hazardous Locations

    The bosuns chair is for use in continuous suspenion applications and often used in confined space maintenance operations. It is for static suspension only and the operator must always be connected to a fall arrest harness and system while suspended.

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