Vehicle Fall Protection

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    Web Rail by SpanSet is an effective solution to fall protection from the back of heavy vehicles. Featuring our patented Tension Force Indicator and Kevlar® Core webbing, this simple to use system gives significant improvements to current work practices during the loading and unloading/rigging processes.

    The Tension Force Indicator gives a known and measurable force on the posts and the Kevlar® core inside the webbing minimises stretch and deflection. The whole system can be removed in minutes to facilitate crane and fork access, or can be left in situ if desired.

    The kit comes with four straps complete with twisted double action safety hooks, and spare
    parts and replacement straps are readily available. Posts are not included with the kit, however engineering specifications are available by contacting SpanSet.

    Tension Force Indicator (TFI)

    The TFI is fitted as standard on this system as added security against unintentional over-tensioning, thereby providing optimum tension for effective fall restraint.


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    The problems and inherent dangers faced by operators working at height on commercial vehicle trailer beds during loading and unloading operations is fully recognised and well documented as a result of the increasing number of accidents.The SpanSet Capcha system provides an easy to use solution, helping to reduce the risks posed by falls from vehicle trailers.

    The Capcha fall arrest system has been designed for integration with the vehicle body. Capcha allows secure, unrestricted hands free access to the trailer platform. The system can also be used when it is necessary to work at height on the loaded goods.

    The Capcha system is ideal for use with most types of curtain-sided and double-deck trailers. The system fits snugly inside the roof of the trailer and does not obstruct loading or unloading operations. It is low maintenance, easy to install and is used in conjunction with the simple to use SpanSet 1100 harness.

    The Capcha system can be accessed and easily retrieved from either side of the vehicle. Capcha may be specified as original equipment or can be retrofitted to your fleet. A range of fitting options and installation kits are available to suit most vehicle configurations.Provides protection from ground level to the trailer and back to the ground.

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    Stoppa is a personal fall prevention system providing a simple, reliable and cost effective solution to problems associated with access, inspection and maintenance at height on vehicles.

    Stoppa starts to protect you from the point when you begin to climb on top of the vehicle – the attachment ring providing a secure handhold as you move from the ladder onto the system. Once attached the Stoppa allows you freedom of access to the top of the vehicle and all the perimeter edges with no risk of falling.

    The Stoppa system comes in two parts.

    The hardware remains permanently in its operating position on the vehicle stowed ready for next time. It’s low profile installation has little or no effect on the overall vehicle height, minimising the potential for impact damage.

    The software consists of a lower body harness with swivel connection that can be worn whilst carrying out other duties or stowed safely in the vehicle when not in use.

    Typical applications include:

    • Refuse Collection Vehicles
    • Road Tankers
    • Fire and Rescue Vehicles
    • Containerised Generators
    • Chiller Units

    We recommend that personnel working at height receive training in safe use of the equipment and height safety awareness.

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