Bale Hooks

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Code Chain Size WLL Dimensions in mm Weight
mm KG A B C D E F G kg
MH0500 6 500 210 50 75 13 77 30 56 0.42

Bale hooks for lifting are essential when standard Hooks are not suitable for a lift. The strong, robust construction makes it ideal for lifting bales and other equipment. They are manufactured according to the highest standards to ensure reliability during day-to-day operations. Designed without any attachments or moving parts, this bale hook provides complete safety for working loads up to 500 kg. Individuals involved in the operation need to ensure compatibility of other tools and instruments used in conjunction with this bale hook.

Bale Hook Applications

Special care should be taken when using bale hooks. Make sure you carry out a risk assessment exercise prior to using bale hooks in your applications. Please refer to the operating manual on details for usage of the bale hook.

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