Modular Spreader Beams

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At All-Ways Rigging Gear, we provide the best solutions for Beam suitable for most lifting needs, available in a variety of capacities and spans. Modulift’s modular spreader beams are versatile and cost-effective, ranging from 6 tonne to 110 tonne and spans from 4mtr to 18mtr. The interchangeable modular components and their versatility enables the beams to be used for various applications and are the most trusted equipment to have on a worksite.

Every modular spread beam has a pair of end units and drop links, with interchangeable struts bolted between the end units; this helps in lengthening and shortening the beam as per the lifting requirements.

About Modular Spreader Beams

  • Portable, designed for one-man assembly
  • Light-weighted and value for money
  • Flexible configuration and multiple beams make it a versatile product
  • Available with a range of top and bottom rigging

We provide these modular spreader beams in a range of weight and length limits:

  • MODULIFT MOD 6: 6 tonne, 1mtr to 4.5mtrs Spreader Beam
  • MODULIFT MOD 12: 12 tonne, 1mtr to 6.5mtrs Spreader Beam
  • MODULIFT MOD 24: 24 tonne, 1mtr to 8mtrs Spreader Beam
  • MODULIFT MOD 34: 34 tonne, 1mtr to 10mtrs Spreader Beam
  • MODULIFT MOD 50: 50 tonne, 1mtr to 13mtrs Spreader Beam
  • MODULIFT MOD 70: 70 tonne, 1mtr to 14mtrs Spreader Beam
  • MODULIFT MOD 70H: 100 tonne, 1mtr to 14mtrs Spreader Beam
  • MODULIFT MOD 110: 110 tonne, 1mtr to 18mtrs Spreader Beam

The product is supplied with the manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity, including conformance to Australian Standards (AS4991) and other world-leading standards. Additionally, the Modulift modular spreader range is covered by DNV type approval.

About All-ways Rigging

Contact All-ways Rigging Gear for Modulift’s modular spreader beam. We are an LEEA full member and provide exceptional service and high-quality products. Please feel free to get in touch with us by filling a form or giving us a call at + 61 2 4272 8000.

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