Trailer Safety Chain

  • A chain attatched between the drawbar and the towbarfor the purpose of retaining connection between the towing vehicle and the tralier in the event of couple failure” Standards Australia AS4177.4
  • Manufactured in Australia, for use with traliers of up to 3500kg aggregate tralier mass.
  • NOT suitable for lifting purposes
  • Australian Standard: AS 4177.4

Shackles used in conjunction with Safety Chains complying with AS 4177.4

PWB Anchor confirms that the proposed combination of trailer safety chain as per AS 4177.4 and quality Grade ‘S’ rated 0.5 tonnes, 0.75 tonnes and 1.0 tonnes (WLL) shackles as per AS 2741 are satisfactory to use as a connection point between trailer safety chain and the tow bar of a towing vehicle.

  • 6mm Grade S Dee and Bow 0.5t (or above) shackles are suitable for trailers up to 1600kg aggregate trailer mass.
  • 8mm Grade S Dee and Bow 0.75t (or above) shackles are suitable for trailers up to 2500kg aggregate trailer mass.
  • 10mm Grade S Dee and Bow 1.0t (or above) shackles are suitable for trailers up to 3500kg aggregate trailer mass.

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    Chain Size 
    Mass Max. 



    Part No. 
    Part No. 
    8 1600 7.6 43.5 31.0 40194 93.4 41768 91.1
    10 2500 9.5 53.1 39.0 40196 61.2 40197 59.7
    13 3500 12.0 51.7 44.5 41144 35.5 40199 34.6

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