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    These robust personnel winches are perfectly suited to the demanding requirements of the confined space environment. Tough, steel construction, combined with sensible features, allow operators to get on with the task at hand in total confidence. Attention to detail, such as wire guide rollers and a spring loaded spool retention bar add to the workhorse nature of these winches.

    Code Description Weight Cable Material Max/Min Work Load Mechanical Advantage
    SVLWB-20 20m personnel winch 14kg Galvanised Steel 150kg/12kg 22:1
    SVLWB-20 30m personnel winch 15.5kg Galvanised Steel 150kg/12kg 22:1
    SVLWB-20 30m personnel winch 18kg Galvanised Steel  —  —
    SVLWB-20 30m personnel winch 19.5kg Galvanised Steel  —

    The SpanSet SLRB4 4 way fall arrest recovery block is suitable for use in the most challenging environments and is as close to bullet proof as it can be. While most 3 way inertia reels with recovery features can only utilise the winch function in an emergency only, our 4 way can be used in either fall arrest mode or winch mode continuously. This has been the source of many annoying and expensive repairs with 3 way devices, due to their engineering limitations and the common practice of using them in winch mode continuously.

    The robust SLVRB4 4 way fall arrest and recovery block features an elliptical brake mechanism specifically designed for continuous use so now the user does not have to purchase a 3 way fall arrest device and a separate personnel winch individually.

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