This Heavy Duty Industrial 2,000kg Double Fall Lifting capacity, pendant control air chain hoist is unique in that it has a Built-In Load Limiter – an excellent OH&S safety feature and one that cannot be overlooked! It also comes as standard with an Emergency Stop on the pendant handle.

Other features of our specific hoists in this range include, upper and lower limit switches, durable lightweight cast iron body, low noise level, unsurpassed inching capabilities (down to millimetre control), automatic failsafe disc brake, very low air consumption – all backed by our technical and spare parts support from stock!

Both Pendant and Cord control models available in lifting heights and control lengths to suit your exacting requirements, for further information or application analysis, please contact us. Below we have listed the reasons why you cannot beat the specific models we handle.

Built-In Load Limiter:
With our series air hoists, should the load limiter be activated the hoist ceases to lift. The advantage is our limiter is not an add-on like some other brands may offer. You can also safely lower the load after limiter activation. With other add-on type limiters, once they are activated you must raise the lifted load using another device, then and only then can you reset the limiter. This exercise is costly, time consuming and most of all frustrating. If you have one of our TCR hoists installed you can forget ever having this problem. This feature serves two purposes:

1. It saves the unit from damage due to lifting excessive weights.
2. It protects the operator, equipment and personnel in the area.

Automatic Failsafe Brake :
This unit features an internal disc brake, made from non asbestos material to provide and instant and positive activation of the brake. In the unlikely event that air supply is cut during operation the brake will instantly activate – even with the control left in “open” mode, this is safety at its best!

Excellent Inching Speeds :
It is possible to both raise and lower items at speeds down to one foot a minute, and that’s Slow! This is due to our “ABS” style braking system which allows for items to be raised and lowered accurately into position. Many other manufacturers claim to be able to perform this function, this model however can!

Low Air Consumption :
Smooth, efficient operation and maximum performance at low air pressures. Operation can be achieved with air pressures as low as 4 Bar (58psi), making this the most power conservative air chain hoist on the market – saving you money!

Less Spare Parts :
Reduced spare parts means easier servicing and less down time, saving you time and money!

Common Parts Between Models :
The use of interchangeable parts from 500kg to 6000kg capacity air hoists (where possible) means less inventory to be held, saving you money!

The Lowest Sound Levels :
Our TCR series air hoists boast the lowest sound levels yet, down to 75db at only one metre from the hoist. We have had some customers advise us that when units have been fitted they cannot hear them operating! Excellent feature for Work Place Health and Safety!

Conversions are Quick & Easy :
Another great feature of our hoists is that you can convert them from cord to pendant or vice versa quickly, easily and most importantly with few parts, once again saving you money.

All Units are Fully Sealed :
All units are fully sealed, perfect for wash plants, chemical plants and the like. The exhaust is facing downwards over the motor section which cools the motor and more importantly keeps unwanted dirt and debris out of the exhaust filter- limiting blockage! Once again this feature is exclusive to the TOKU TCR series!

Compact :
There is a dramatic reduction in the size of this series! the size reduction allows our hoists to fit into confined spaces (low headroom), a real bonus where space is a premium! This feature makes the TCR series one of the smallest air hoists on the market.

Durable :
The all steel construction permits our hoists to be operated in areas where many other brands are not suitable. The strong construction and dramatic reduction of external parts susceptible to damage, allow our hoists to withstand the roughest of treatment. TCR series hoists are used for underground mining, foundries, chemical plants, industrial factories and many other applications, making the TCR series more versatile.

The above listed features are the reasons why your only choice in lifting technology is our TCR Series Air Hoists!

Our international suppliers and partners share our commitment to bringing quality lifting products to industry.


    Air Cons. (under load) 1,500 (l/min) 52.97 (cfm)
    Air Inlet 1/2″ Female
    Body Material Cast Iron
    Emergency Stop Yes
    Hose Size I.D 12.70 (mm)
    Lifting Capacity 2,000 (kg)
    Min. Hook Distance 580 (mm)
    No. of Chain Falls 2
    Pendant Material (std) Plastic
    Speed (down-load) 5.2 (m/min)
    Speed (up-load) 3 (m/min)
    Underground Mining Suitable Yes
    Weight (c/w 3m chain lift) 39.7 (kg)
    Weight (w/o chain) 32 (kg)

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