The sturdy cast iron construction of the 1,000kg Air Chain Hoist CW Load Limiter TCR1000C makes it an essential unit of any operation. Take a look at some of its excellent features below:

  1. Built-In Load Limiter
    The built-in load limiter stops lifting the load as soon as it is activated. This avoids any damage that could be caused to the unit from lifting excessive weights. It also protects the operator, other people and equipment in the vicinity. Most air hoists available in the market feature a load limiter as an add-on feature. Once the limiter is activated, another device is needed to lift the load for the operator to be able to reset the limiter. This makes it costly and time consuming. Hence a built-in load limiter will help improve the efficiency of the operation.
  2. Durable Build
    The lightweight and durable cast iron body makes this an important part of operations in the roughest environments like underground mining, foundries, chemical plants and other heavy industries.
  3. Automatic Failsafe Brake
    The internal disc brake, made from non-asbestos material ensures instant and positive activation.
  4. Fantastic Inching Speeds
    The “ABS” style braking system featured in this model makes it extremely easy for the operator to raise and lower items accurately. It boasts of speeds as low as one foot a minute.
  5. Low Air Consumption
    These air chain hoists save on power by working optimally at low air pressures. The unit operates smoothly even at 4 Bar (58psi) air pressure. As a result, you save on money as well.
  6. Spare Parts
    Lesser number of spare parts in this machine means lesser down time and easier maintenance. This in turn helps you save time and money.

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    Air Cons. (under load) 1,500 (l/min) 52.97 (cfm)
    Body Material Cast Iron
    Hose Size 12.70 (mm)
    Lifting Capacity 1,000 (kg)
    Min. Hook Distance 466 (mm)
    No. of Chain Falls 1
    Speed (down) 10.30 (m/min)
    Speed (up) 6 (m/min)
    Thread Size 1/2″ Female
    Underground Mining Suitable Yes
    Weight (c/w 3m chain lift) 32.90 (kg)
    Weight (w/o chain) 29 (kg)

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