Flat Webbing and Round Slings Load Chart

A wide variety of durable synthetic slings available with us help you move material through your job site efficiently. Choose from round and flat webbing slings. The working load limit of these slings starts at 0.8 tonnes and can be upwards of 17 tonnes. The working load limit changes based on the lifting style. Synthetic slings are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications and types of hitches like straight, choked straight, parallel, basket hitch or 2, 3 and 4 leg slings (at 60°, 90° or 120° angles) or choke hitch or 2, 3 and 4 leg slings (single wrap or double wrap).

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  • All slings are made from 100% Polyester. They can easily grip and mold to irregular shaped loads.
  • WLL is clearly marked on each sling.
  • Colour coding on each sling for added safety.
  • Protective sleeves are recommended for lifting sharp and rough objects.
  • The slings are lightweight and versatile making them extremely useful is a variety of industries.

Types of Synthetic Slings:

Flat Webbing Slings
  1. Manufactured to A.S.1353 Parts 1 & 2
  2. Safety factor 8:1
  3. The flat belt straps are made of webbing material.
  4. They feature flat or twisted eyes on each end.

Synthetic Slings p01

Synthetic Slings p03

Round Slings
  1. Manufactured to A.S. 4497.1
  2. Safety factor 7:1
  3. Round slings feature single path and multi-path designs.
  4. The round slings are protected by a woven outer jacket.
  5. These slings can be used in vertical, basket, or choker hitches.

Synthetic Slings p02

Synthetic Slings p04

Why Choose All-ways Rigging

As an LEEA member, All-ways Rigging has undergone rigorous audits and assessments to ensure compliance with best practices. We recommend you give due consideration to the working environment and stretch under load when selecting synthetic slings to ensure high levels of efficiency. Our experienced team can analyse your application and suggest compatible products. Please feel free to get in touch with us by filling a form or giving us a call at + 61 2 4272 8000.

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