SF2200 Load Brake Winch

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The OzWinch SF2200 Load Brake Winch has been specifically designed for safer and easier winch operation in both hoisting and hauling applications. Requiring very low effort to easily operate, the reciprocating ratchet handle allows simple handle movement in either direction for both lifting and lowering loads which is ideal for use in cramped locations.

The SF2200 is also equipped with a positive load-actuated brake and can hold the load safely in any position while the gears and brake are fully covered to prevent dust, dirt and rain contamination.

The OzWinch SF2200 Load Brake Winch complieswith AS 1418 when fitted with a suitable winch rope.

Model Number SF2200
Lifting Capacity 1000KG
Hauling Capacity 2000KG
Hand Force Required 10KG
Gear Ratio 22.2:1
Drum Diameter 80MM
Handle Length 300MM
Unit Mass 17.5KG
Recommended Winch Rope Diameter 8MM
Winch Rope Storage Capacity 32M

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