JIB Attachments


Jib Attachments

Type SJ2

Slip-on jib, suitable for most forklifts and fitted in seconds. Two lifting points available. Supplied with a safety swivel hook.

  • 2000kg SWL at 500mm load centre.
  • 2000kg SWL at 1000mm load centre.
  • Unit weight 45kg.
  • Pocket size 160 x 65mm
  • Pocket centres 270mm.
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Type FJS

A general purpose jib at an affordable price. Able to manoeuvre in a confined space, then extend to 2.0m.

  • Overall length when closed 1.3m.
Type FJS 2.5 FJS 5.0 SFJS 7.5 SFJS 10
Position SWL kg SWL kg SWL kg SWL kg
1| 800mm 2500 4750 7500 10000
2| 1250mm 1200 2400 3600 4800
3| 1600mm 900 1800 2700 3600
4| 2000mm 750 1500 2250 3000
Weight kg 100 130 320 400

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Pallet Hooks

Type PHS

Pallet hooks allow for lifting palleted goods by overhead crane. Load balancing is carried out by altering the position of the lifting ring to suit the centre of gravity of the load.

The type PHS is available in 3 capacities

Type SWL Weight Shipping Size
PHS 1500 1500kg 160kg 1200 x 750 x 1600(H)
PHS 2200 2200kg 180kg
PHS 3000 3000kg 200kg

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