Hand Ratchet c/w Strap Assemblies

Ratchet Tie Down assemblies are used for general transport requirements. Built with high tenacity polyester webbing, they provide benefits of high pretension, which causes less damage to the cargo being transported.

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High quality ratchet tie down assemblies are available with us.

  • The entire assembly is AS 4344 compliant.
  • Lashing capacities from 350 kg to 5,000 kg are available with us.
  • Choose webbing widths from 25mm to 75mm.
  • Highly reliable materials and components used in the manufacturing of there ratchets. The material is high tenacity polyester Webbing with heavy duty Hook and Keepers stamped with lashing capacity. The ratchet buckle features heavy duty construction.
  • Both tail and free end of the strap are ID tagged with the lashing capacity, strap length, safety information, date of manufacture, batch numbered and branded. This helps in traceability.
  • Batch test certificates available upon request.

ratchet tie down assemblies are great to fasten loads like pallets, boxes and containers on load hauling vehicles like trucks and trailers. The wide range of products with capacities up to 5,000 kgs make it versatile for several applications. Our experts can help you find the product that best suits your requirements. Please feel free to contact our helpful team to find products most compatible with your current tools and applications.

Part Number Size Washing Capacity
525RAS 25mm x 5.5m 750kgs
535RAS 35mm x 5.5 1,500kgs
550RAS 50mm x 9m 2,500kgs
575RAS 75mm x 9m 5,000kgs

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