A-frame Cranes

All-Way has a range of Gantry Cranes that include an A-Frame Gantry Crane and Portable Aluminium Gantry Crane. All-Way’s gantry cranes can either be used for the transportation and installation of heavy loads or for the moving of smaller loads.

Gantry cranes are ideal for transporting and lifting heavy materials, such as concrete, lumber or gypsum board. Instead of having a gantry crane mounted on wheels which would be difficult to move from place to place, its front can be raised or lowered to make it easier to use and transport.

A-frame Cranes with a metal frame that resembles a door frame, two supporting “A” frame legs installed under the main bearing girder, which can be pushed into position as it has 4 lockable castors on the legs. Ideal for transferring materials both horizontally and vertically.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable crane to help you deliver heavy loads, then you’ll love what these cranes can do. They’re made with a solid steel frame, which you can use as a foundation for easy assembly. The equipment also features a swivel brake polyurethane caster system that lets you roll it wherever you need, without any trouble. Its custom design complies with AS/NZS 1418: 1994 and meets all Australian standards. This means that it’s suitable for industrial applications like loading and unloading vehicles or material onto racks in warehouses and other construction sites or buildings where heavy loads are frequently moved from one place to another.

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Our international suppliers and partners share our commitment to bringing quality lifting products to industry.

All-Ways Rigging Gear is committed to providing its clients with the finest in gantry cranes and other tools. We are dedicated to safety, which is why we offer A-Frame Gantry Cranes, as well as other adjustable add-ons, so you can be sure that your equipment will remain safe no matter how or where it’s being used. Contact us for more information about our products and services today!



A Frame Gantry Crane 1

Code WLL Dimensions (mtr)
Tonnes A B b C D
GC2 2 3 3.1 0.420 3.3 1.5

Can be customised to suit your requirements

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