Chain Shortener


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The VLWI chain shortener has been manufactured from high-grade stainless steel featuring a stamp and CE mark to make the product easily identifiable. The high quality ensures it is corrosion resistant and can be effectively used in water, wastewater, chemical and food related applications. A BWI transition link is welded in with the chain shortener to ensure effortless link-by-link shortening of stainless steel chains.
The weight of the chain locks it in place. This allows the shortener to be conveniently retrofitted in assembled systems offering a massive benefit in established applications.
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    VLWI Chain ShortenerCode / TypeLoad Capacity
    VLWI 7/8-61,600156111682234110.57
    VLWI 10-62,500186133862740121.06
    VLWI 13-64,2502421691083252162.22
    VLWI 16-66,3002842041343864204.16

    The number close to the code constitutes the chain, used in combination with the product.

    Chain Shortener Applications

    These chain shorteners crafted from the highest quality and best practices are reliable and safe in operation. The unique design allows the chain to be used in a multitude of combinations to accommodate the demands of most applications. For example, when two chain shorteners are used in conjunction to lift a load, the two chains attached to each shortener respectively can be of different lengths. This allows lifting of asymmetrical loads convenient and easy. Please see the demonstration of correct usage below:

    Chain Shortener

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