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    These portable manhole guards have an integrated mast which, used in conjunction with a davit arm SPXTIN2210,
    transforms these systems into confined space fall protection and retrieval systems. These systems will facilitate your
    access to underground chambers or any other type of confined space where a portable manhole guard is needed.
    With a capacity of 191kg (safety factor 10:1) this systems meets or exceeds AS5532, CSA, ANSI, OSHA, CSST and
    CE Standards and also provides protection for standby personnel and the public. The surrounding guards can be added to to give unique flexibility, allowing the protection of even the largest openings as well as odd shaped and corner applications. All SpanSet Xtirpa davits come with device attachment brackets in 3 locations.



    Manhole Guard Components –

    Manhole Guard Accessories –

    The most versatile system on the market, the Tow Bar Hitch Mount connects to most 50mm square vehicle receiver hitches, our most popular system offers adjustable screw pads for easy levelling. This system uses the same davit arm as the Manhole Guard Davit System (SPXTIN2210) and gives a maximum capacity of 164kg and has a safety factor of 10:1 and meets or exceeds CSA, ANSI, OSHA, CSST and CE Standards. Also utilises additional anchorages such as the Anchor Bolt Adapter and C Clamp for use inside plant.



    Trailer Hitch Mount Components –

    Trailer Hitch Mount Accessories –

    This three-piece hoist system was designed to be used in conjunction with the davit arm SPXTIN2210 and the mast SPXTIN2003 that are common to the three davit systems. The portable lower base with adjustable feet and wheels to fit most standard confined spaces. It offers a solution for the entry, rescue and positioning of personnel. The combination of davit arm and mast allows the operator to pivot the system for easier and safer rescue. Durable and versatile, the system has a capacity of 164kg and has a safety factor of 10:1 and meets or exceeds CSA, ANSI, OSHA, CSST and CE Standards.


    H Base Components –

    This counterweight system is designed for multiple confined space access in the same area where the extra reach of the 1200mm davit arm is required. Additionally, it can be used in areas where a fixed base is not possible. The system consists of a central unit to which a number of optional equipment can be added, including extensions, leg adjustment and anchoring options. With a weight capacity of 163kg this system can be used in conjunction with a counter-balancing weight rack or a wheel pad assembly when using a vehicle. The davit arm has a 2270kg anchor point.


    Counterweight Options

    SPXTA2305 Water Counterweight

    SpanSet Xtirpa Manhole Collars are ideal for round entry holes as found on tanks, tankers and ground manholes. They cleverly utilise compression onto the manhole to enable an easy portable attachment which can take the standard 610mm davit arm and mast. Designed for applications involving frequent set ups over similarly-sized access openings. This lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble system provides a portable adapter base and certified anchor point. Ideal option for areas where a permanent anchor is not viable. Can also be used with the the low headroom davit and short reach davit. Available in anodised finish and offset base for angled tank lids. Please contact us for size availability.

    The SpanSet Xtirpa Pole Hoist System is for side entry applications or for situations where there is an overhead structure available to set up an anchorage in order to “hang” the unit from. It takes all of our winches utilising the universal bracket.

    SPXTIN2337 Pole Hoist

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