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All-ways Rigging Gear has a range of eye nuts that you can choose from for your application. We provide grade-10 swivel eye nuts, grade-4 imperial eye nuts, grade-4 metric eye nuts and many more. Our rigorously engineered products provide the perfect solution for suitable lifting applications making your job faster and easier. Manufactured using only heat treated, certified Australian Steel, our eye nuts are reliable and ensure workplace safety.

Eye nuts are produced using high tensile alloy steel and stainless steel. They are mostly hot forged for high strength material integrity. Eye nuts are placed as anchorage points.

Our range of Grade-8 Eye Nuts provide up to four times higher lifting capacity in specific applications compared to other products.

Eye Nut Features

  • Eye nuts are forged from high tensile alloy steel
  • Hi-visibility powder-coated finish
  • Manufactured exclusively from Australian-made steel
  • 100% electromagnetic crack testing to AS 1171
  • Specific thread forms are made to order
  • Hot dip galvanizing, zinc passivating, chrome plating, powder coating
  • Conformance certification
  • Tested & certified to the highest Australian and International standards


Contact All-ways Rigging Gear for Eye nuts. We are an LEEA full member and provide exceptional service and high-quality products. Established in 1990, we have been dedicated to providing our clients with reliable, tested lifting, safety and materials handling equipment. Our easy-to-use products are available in various capacities and specifications.
We take pride in engineering optimal solutions to your heavy lifting requirements, whether you need products to perform optimally or in specific harsh environments. Our equipment is made from high quality materials and engineered for optimal productivity of the operator and application. Our products comply with relevant Australian and International standards.

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Please feel free to contact us by filling out a form or giving us a call at + 61 2 4272 8000.