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Lifting attachments like eyebolts are one of the most common types of lifting hardware. They’re affordable, adaptable, and simple to install. Eyebolts offer a safe and secure attachment point for rigging and lifting gear when used properly. Choosing the right eyebolt for the job may have a significant impact on productivity and work quality. Certain equipment, when properly selected and used, can have an impact on workplace safety in addition to making your job faster and simpler.

Types of Eyebolts

We stock a variety of eyebolts for various applications and industries. They feature high-visibility powder coating. Below are the types of eyebolts available with us:

  1. Grade-10 swivel eyebolts
  2. Grade-4 imperial eyebolts
  3. Grade-4 long shank eyebolts
  4. Grade-4 metric eyebolts
  5. Grade-8 lifting eyebolts
  6. IS range (DIN580) eyebolts
  7. RUD VLBG-plus

Applications of Lifting Eyebolts

Lifting eyebolts are used to lift equipment and machinery from overhead. They have a threaded shank with an eye (a ring or loop at one end). The threaded shank is screwed into a tapped hole in the equipment in overhead lifting applications, and the eye is utilised as an attachment point for shackles and other lifting hardware.


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